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“A Powerful Voice.”

“Zach Elliott is an authentic, energetic, gifted, and inspired preacher of the Gospel. With Ryan Seacrest's stage presence and Billy Graham's passion for Jesus, Zach is emerging as a powerful voice for God's Kingdom today.”  

Jay Puppo, Certified ONE Thing Trainer


“Many in my generation feel a great level of cynicism toward the Church, but understanding more of who God is and what He is doing in this world through Zach’s pastoring has shaped my walk with Jesus in deep, transformational ways. He is the kind of leader who enters spaces and relationships with humility, joy, and an ability to truly meet people where they are at and love them like Jesus would.”

Courtney Salzano, Social Worker

“Living Water.”

Zach is one of those people who when they speak you know they are connected to the Source, for out of him flows living water. My heart has been watered many times through his speaking/teaching. Just as a river branches out and gives life to all it touches, so do the words which flow from Zach.”

— Myrna Anderson, Artist

“A Strange Guy.”

"Zach Elliott is a strange guy. His work reflects a wildly unique and wonderful blend of deep spiritual understanding, profound intelligence, and practical love that serves to propel those within his orbit on upward, inward and outward trajectories aimed at those places where we have been truly called."

Jack Castlewhite, Writer