Zach invites the Christian community to pursue authentic spiritual growth through his writing, urging all who know Jesus to look to Him, look like Him, and look with Him.


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Zach brings his contagious passion for life into every speaking engagement, sharing the life and beauty of the gospel. He inspires listeners to engage in transformative and powerful ways.



LAB: The Podcast welcomes the haunted and the hungry to join us in our pursuit of life and beauty. We hope to inspire fresh conversations about the gospel by sharing stories that celebrate the good, give voice to the broken and invite listeners to participate in the future.

Zach Elliott describes himself as an unschooled, ordinary man who loves Jesus. 

Anyone who knows Zach Elliott would describe him as far from ordinary.

He is a husband, father, speaker, author, and thought leader, engaging the world with a powerful message of hope and restoration in Christ. He has a contagious love of life, finds beauty in the most unlikely places, and loves people with an uncommon depth of respect and honor.

At only 19, Zach joined the Oregon State Police as a Forensic Evidence Technician. This opportunity opened the door to experiences and relationships that would shape his thinking and break his heart. Ultimately, it was walking in the darkness of closed highways and seeing crime scenes through tears and camera lenses that led him to the light of the Gospel. 

Zach served as a pastor and church planter in the Pacific Northwest for twelve years. He and his wife Cammie purchased and renovated their first home to create the Hillside Inn, a community inspired by the L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. In 2016, Zach left the Pacific Northwest for Tampa Florida. He partnered with a close group of friends and family to give birth to V///, a ministry committed to sharing the Gospel and loving the Church.


"Love now. That's it. Before long, everything that stood in the way will seem so small. Don't wait. Love now."

- Zach Elliott