LAB the podcast


LAB the podcast

LAB “Life and Beauty” is a podcast welcoming the haunted and the hungry to join us in our pursuit of life and beauty. We will be recording live in downtown Tampa!

2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at Buddy Brew Coffee.

2020 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606

Doors Open at 7 PM



Share the life and beauty of the Gospel with the world.

V/// - Vision up. Vision in. Vision out.

Healthy and united local churches are essential to the proclamation, cultivation and celebration of the Gospel. We believe that flourishing pastors mean flourishing churches, and flourishing churches mean flourishing cities. Therefore, V/// is committed to caring for pastors and partnering with the local church, pioneering a movement to support and encourage local pastors while bringing unity and synergy to the Church in community.

I founded V3 out of a unquenchable passion to see the life and beauty of the gospel invade the despair, division and darkness of our time. The power of hope. The joy of light. The beauty of a new song in an old soul. That is what races through my veins. My heart is a strange mix of broken and whole. I hurt to the point of physical pain for those who hurt, and yet I experience a constant and indestructible hope that pushes and pushes and pushes within my heart.
— Zach Elliott

“Imagine the Future.”

“Zach has the all too rare ability to speak the truth in love. He has the discernment to observe and speak on pressing issues in culture, with the grace to walk the line of challenging your preconceptions while never shoving his opinions down your throat. He is able to hold these tensions because of his deep love for Christ and everyone he comes into contact with. Zach is uniquely gifted to imagine the future of the Church, but at the same time remains present, invested in his community and family. His energy is infectious, and his positivity is refreshing in our polarizing, cynical culture. People who have been around Zach want to stay around him. I have been blessed to count Zach as a great friend and mentor for the past 8 years, and cannot understate the impact he has had on my life."

Dr. Aaron Salzano, OD